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eBluCare Stream

Built in collaboration with veteran medical practitioners

eBluCare EHR, a certified electronic health records software, is built to improve workflow efficiency, streamline patient encounters, and facilitate better operational control. Built for busy and frazzled caregivers, the highly customizable application offers the broadest EHR connectivity capabilities; population health management features that meet federal requirements; and timely, accurate and relevant information for better decision-making. You now have everything you need to improve overall quality of care and stay on top regulatory changes.

“Script Your Practice Management Success”


Offer Great Quality of Care

Doctors, payers, billers, nurses, front office staff and patients are all digitally connected as an effective means to offer impeccable patient care.

Enjoy Extensive Interoperability

Store all clinical and patient records on the cloud allowing you and patients access to it anytime anywhere needed. Added advantage is the protection from unauthorized access, threats and natural hazards.

Better Productivity from Everyone

Effortlessly improve your productivity by navigating on our ‘all-in-a-single-screen’ interface incorporating a ‘3-click design paradigm’.

The Easiest EHR On The Planet


In-built ICD 9-10 Conversion

The built-in conversion tool, fully compatible with HL7 v3, helps you cross-check ICD 9 - ICD 10 conversion and vice-versa in a click.

Hassle-free Migrations

We offer comprehensive support to take your current data, residing in any legacy and modern EMR system, right into eBluCare EHR smoothly.

On PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones

our charts never go missing; they are instantly available whenever you need, on any Internet-enabled device (for our cloud-based product).

Reports Across the Healthcare Continuum

Get the exact data point across clinical, financial, operational, quality and compliance functions that you need to make fast, accurate and life-saving decisions. 250+ critical EHR and 20+ analytics reports are included.

Instant Access to Medical History

Get access to the comprehensive and complete medical history your patients in minutes.

Helpful Visual Cues

Colored flags and other notifications alert you of critical and actionable data like drug-drug conflicts, drug-allergy contraindications and other abnormalities, in accordance with Meaningful Use 2 guidelines.

From single physicians to group practices, eBluCare Stream provides the flexibility to simplify patient management and revenue

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