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Achieve Remarkable Growth

eBluCare RCM considers the total revenue cycle to maximize the revenue of your practice. The robust application helps you submit clean claims through sound coding principles, proper modifier usage, and better claim scrubbing mechanics so that the payments are prompt. You also improve your first pass claim acceptance rates. Whittle down missed, delayed and rejected payments caused by oversight, human errors, process complexity or lack of knowledge. Accurately assess the financial performance from multiple vantage points with sophisticated reporting tools.

“Improve Efficiency and Maximize Revenue Growth”


Coverage Verification

Verify insurance coverages for patient's insurance benefits from hundreds of government and commercial payers, in real-time and batches, preventing potential loss of time, hassles and revenues.

ICD-10 Ready

Using the right ICD-10 codes radically cuts down claims processing delays and eliminates rejections. eBluCare RCM fully complies with ICD-10 so that you treat your patients without worries.

Powerful Payment Systems

Powerful billing, reporting, and analytics features like ERA, batch and real time submissions, current and projected financial performance, code and treatment-based revenue analysis help keep your performance and finances in first-class shape.

All Your Clients From a Single Account  


Electronic Claims

With eBluCare RCM handling primary and extended insurance claims is a breeze. Our extensive payer integration will have you connected to the nation’s largest healthcare revenue and payment cycle network, linking over 1,200 payers in the country.

Data That Creates Impact

Use Plenty of data gets tracked in an RCM solution. A battery of insightful reports let you slice and dice data in any way you want. Whether you want to find your most profitable code, pursue aging balances with tenacity, or take a concerted effort to reduce the A/R days, you can now track down the exact data point with ease.

EDI Unleashed

Realize the full power of EDI with high-definition healthcare remittance analytics, e-claims service, primary and secondary claim submissions, and daily financial performance metrics. Lower rejections, shorter payment turnaround times and better cash flow become a certainty.

ROI Optimization

Maximizing your ROI, a key focus area, is brought about by tools that enable automatic claim generation, faster claims transmission, quicker payment tracking automatic payment posting, and right level coding.

Better Staff Utilization

Develop a holistic understanding through powerful dashboards that show snapshots of current state of your claims, collections, receivables, denials, and their average turnaround times, helping you take meaningful and productive decisions with confidence.

Holistic Understanding

Physicians can fully and quickly comprehend the health status of a patient from a single, clutter-free layout, thereby saving valuable consultation time.

Our Intuitive Billing System is Packed with Features That Make Your Day-to-Day Way Easier. Software for you and your clients 

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