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eBluCare Creek

Deliver Impeccable Quality of Service

Delivers best-of-breed features for running your practice smoothly and efficiently. It helps the care providers and other clinical staff works together as a seamless whole to provide the best results and care experience for the patient. The practice will now be able to handle more patients quickly and be on top of their performance with detailed ad hoc reporting features.

“Script Your Practice Management Success”


Productive Operations

Access patients’ medical records; handle appointment requests, automated alerts, billing, and referral requests; monitor lab results; improve communication among peers and patients - all from the convenience of a web browser.

Information at Your Fingertips

Store all clinical and patient records on the cloud allowing you and patients access to it anytime anywhere needed. Added advantage is the protection from unauthorized access, threats and natural hazards.

Numbers Are Everything

Powerful billing, reporting, and analytics features like ERA, batch and real time submissions, current and projected financial performance, code and treatment-based revenue analysis help keep your performance and finances in first-class shape.

Best Practices wrapped in an Easy-to-Use App 


Multi-functional Patient Portal

Look so much more professional with a secure patient-centric portal through which they can access medical records, clinical summaries, test results and many more .

Full Patient Encounters

Using eBluCare PM you can document immersive (full) patient encounters with the confidence that you are increasing their chances of receiving the best quality of care.

Support for HIES

Participate in health information exchanges (HIEs) to improve health and care in your state, region and community.

Rich Information Repository

A rich patient and clinical repository lets you archive demographics, medical history, timelines, immunizations, allergies and vitals, and helps you monitor quality of care.

Powerful Reporting

Slice and dice your operational and financial data into various ways to create better administration, process improvement, compliance and other efforts.

Patient Info at a Glance

Physicians can fully and quickly comprehend the health status of a patient from a single, clutter-free layout, thereby saving valuable consultation time.

Making Stellar Quality of Care Happen by Simplified workflows to Help You Gain revenue and greater control of your practice

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